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Being an attorney is an independent professional activity that exists solely for providing legal assistance in exercising and protecting the liberties established by the Constitution and the laws and other legal interests in all domestic and foreign courts and legal entities.

The lawyer is obliged to secrecy and confidentiality to preserve that what his clients entrusted him.

The lawyer is obligated to protect the independence of the law profession.

A lawyer in his professional work will decide to act freely, independently and in accordance with his beliefs, without being subject to pressure, threats or impacts of whatever side they come, unless they are from his client and the authority that comes from legal science, the Constitution and laws, as well as the statutes and regulations of professional ethics.

The lawyer is obligated to his profession conscientiously and diligently, decisively and timely, with sincerity and with commitment to his client in which case the work is entrusted, by using the knowledge and skills he has and using all legally permissible and legitimate means.