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Law office Nikola Todorovski.

Dear visitors,

The law office was established with the intention of providing full legal support to our clients in all legal areas.

The good advice, opinion or legal aid affects the lives of every individual, and every business of any company.

Our goal is to assist in all sorts of problematic situations by finding the right legal solution.

Our law office provides a wide range of legal advocacy, advisory assistance and complete representation for both domestic and international customers.

The variety of services offered depends from the desire of the client.

In this way we can help our clients in the most complex problems and actions at home or abroad, and also we can offer comprehensive legal assistance in many areas of operation.
The correspondence with our clients is in several languages ​​as well as in english, greek, albanian, german, italian, croatian, serbian, turkish, and russian language.

Depending on the complexity of the case and extent of the necessary legal knowledge, if necessary our working team can include outside experts in order to ensure complete and efficient solution.

The law office collaborates with respected and reputable domestic and foreign experts, the top professors of law and economics as well as certain specialized scientific institutes and public and private agencies.

Because of the needs of our clients we are also working with related Law Offices in the neighbor countries.

Looking forward for future cooperation.

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