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Our law office provides comprehensive legal services in accordance with Your specific needs.

These are the legal services that we provide:

  1. Free legal advice;
  2. Registering companies, making changes in the companies, liquidation proceedings etc.
  3. Complete preparation of public procurement and similar documents before domestic and foreign (government and private) agencies;
  4. Preparing lawsuits, appeals, applications, petitions and other pleadings and proceedings before the courts, committed in criminal, inheritance, property, labor and legal affairs;
  5. Preparation of contracts, wills, statements and other documents;
  6. Representing individuals and legal entities before domestic courts and administrative bodies;
  7. Representing individuals and legal entities in their legal matters as agreements and settlements;
  8. Services in connection with other matters and legal assistance on behalf of individuals and legal persons in all exercise of rights.

We are especially proud of the work we do successfully by providing services in the proceeding at the International Court of Human Rights, in the processes and violations that occurre before domestic courts and all state authorities.

In collaboration with experts from the construction industry we provide complete services related to land acquisition, facility construction, adaptation, reconstruction, from the beginning by collecting the necessary documentation to obtain the necessary approvals from state authorities until the realization of projects.